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RA: Risk Analysis
รหัสหนังสือ ชื่อหนังสือ ผู้แต่งหลัก ปีที่พิมพ์
RA-001 Acceptable Risks for Major Infrastructure Paul Heinrichs 1995
RA-002 Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods R.L. Peurifoy 1979
RA-003 Introductory Engineering Statistics Irwin Guttman 1965
RA-004 Probability  Concepts in Engineering Planning and Design, Vol. I - Basic Principles Alfredo H-S. Ang 1984
RA-005 Probability  Concepts in Engineering Planning and Design, Vol. II - Decision, Risk, and Reliability Alfredo H-S. Ang 1984
RA-006 Recent Developments in Laboratory and Field Tests and Analysis of Geotechnical Problems SEAGS 1983
RA-007 Reliability Based Design in Civil Engineering Milton E. Harr 1987
RA-008 Vibrations and Noise For Engineers Kewal Pujara, R.S. Pujara 1984
RA-009 Reliability and Statistics in Geotechnical Engineering Geogory B. Baecher 2003
RA-010 Risk Assesment in Geotechncical Engineering Grodon A. Fenton 2008
RA-011 Geotechnical Infrastructure Asset Management Kyotu University 2009
RA-012 Sustainable Civil Engineering (Harmonizing Infrastructure Development with the Environment) Osamu Kusakabe 2009
RA-013 Probability and Stochastic Processes : A Friendly Introduction for Electrical and Computer Engineers Roy D. Yates 1999