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F: Finite Element, Mathematic, Numerical Method
รหัสหนังสือ ชื่อหนังสือ ผู้แต่งหลัก ปีที่พิมพ์
F-001 A First Course in Numerical Analysis Anthony Ralston 1965
F-002 A Practical Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Y. K. Cheung 1979
F-003 Advanced Engineering Mathematics Louis C. Barrett 1995
F-004 An Analysis of the Finite Element Method Gilbert Strang 1973
F-005 An Introduction to the Finite Element Method J. N. Reddy 1984
F-006 An Introduction to the Finite Element Method (Second Edition) J. N. Reddy 1993
F-007 An Introduction to Variabional Inequalities and Their Applications David Kinderlehrer 2000
F-008 Applied Functional Analysis and Variational Methods in Engineering J. N. Reddy 1945
F-009 Boundary Element Methods in Solid Mechanics with applications in rock mechanics and geological engineering S.L. Crouch 1974
F-010 Calculus with analystic geometry Howard Anton 1980
F-011 Complex Variable Methods in Elasticity A.H. England 1971
F-012 Concepts and Applications of Finite Element Analysis (Second Edition) Robert D. Cook 1981
F-013 Differential Equations C. Ray Wylie 1979
F-014 Earth 2 : A Structural Calculation Program for Finite Element Analysis of Embankment กรมชลประทาน 1986
F-015 Third Seminar on Ground Improvement in Highways Lyman M. Kells 1965
F-016 Finite Element Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering (Application) David M. Potts 2001
F-017 Flexible Multibody Dynamics : A Finite Element Approach Michel Geradin 2000
F-018 Fourier Transforms Lan N. Sneddon 1995
F-019 Handbook for Linear Regression Mary Sue Younger 1979
F-020 Handbook of Numerical Analysis P.G. Ciarlet 1996
F-021 Integral Equations J. Kondo 1991
F-022 Introduction to Numerical Analysis (Second Edition) F. B. Hildebrand 1984
F-023 Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistical Inference Harold J. Larson 1969
F-024 Mathematical Foundations of Elasticity Jerrold E. Marsden 1993
F-025 Non-linear Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Structures Vol. 1 : Essentials M. A. Crisfield 1991
F-026 Non-linear Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Structures Vol. 2 : Advanced Topics M. A. Crisfield 1997
F-027 Numerical Fracture Mechanics M.H. Aliabadi 1991
F-028 Numerical Mathematics and Computing (Fifth Edition) Ward Cheney 2004
F-029 Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations William F. Ames 1992
F-030 Numerical Methods for Two-Point Boundary-Value Problems Herbert B. Keller 1992
F-031 Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering Chandrakant S. Desai 1977
F-032 Numerical Methods that Work Forman S. Acton 1970
F-033 Numerical Optimization Jorge Nocedal 1999
F-034 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations : Finite Difference Methods (Third Edition) G. D. Smith 1985
F-035 Perturbation Methods B.J. Hinch 1991
F-036 Schaum's Outline Series Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables Murray R. Spiegel 1968
F-037 Scientific Computing and Differential Equations : An Introduction to Numerical Methods Gene H. Golub 1992
F-038 Singular Integral Equations N.I. Muskhelishvili 1992
F-039 The Finite Difference Method in Partial Differential Equations A.R. Mitchell 1980
F-040 The Finite Element Method Benjapon Wethyavivorn 1990
F-041 The Finite Element Method  Vol. 2 : Solid and Fluid Mechanics Dynamics and Non-Linearity (Fourth Edition) O. C. Zienkiewicz 1989
F-042 The Finite Element Method in Engineering S. S. Rao 1982
F-043 The Finite Element Method Linear Static and Dynamic Finite Element Analysis Thomas J.R. Hughes 2000
F-044 Finite Element Techniques for Fluid Flow    
F-045 The Finite Element Method Third Edition    
F-046 Stress Waves in Solids H. Kolsky 1963
F-047 Finite Element Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering (Theory) David M. Potts 1999
F-048 Finite Element -  
F-049 Finite Element Methods for Engineers Rogger T Fenner 1996
F-050 วิธีไฟไนต์อิลิเมนต์ในงานวิศวกรรมธรณีเทคนิค (Finite Element Method in Geotechnical Engineering) สุเชษฐ์ ลิขิตเลอสรวง 2549
F-051 Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and Machine Learning David E. Goldberg 1953
F-052 Stress and Deformation Modeling with SIGMAW (An Engineering Methodoloty John Krahn 2004
F-053 Theory and Problems of Complex Variables with an introduction to confromal mapping Murray R Spiegel 1964
F-054 Thermal Modeling with TEMP/W 2007 : An Engineering Methodology GEO-SLOP 2008
F-055 Conduction of Heat in Solids H.S. Carslaw 1959
F-056 Seepage, Drainage, and Flow Nets Harry R. Cedergren 1967