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    Risk Analysis
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GM: Geomechanics, Theory
รหัสหนังสือ ชื่อหนังสือ ผู้แต่งหลัก ปีที่พิมพ์
GM-001 A Course on Damage Mechanics (Second Edition) H. Lippmann 1996
GM-002 Advanced Fracture Mechanics Melvin F. Kanninen 1985
GM-003 An Introductiion to Fluid Dynamics G.K. Batchelor 2000
GM-004 An Introductiion to The Theory of Aeroelasticity Y.C. Fung 1993
GM-005 Applied Hydro and Aeromechanics L. Prandtl 1934
GM-006 Computational Contact Mechanics P. Wriggers 2002
GM-007 Computational Geomechanics Arnold Verruijt 1995
GM-008 Contact Mechanics K.L. Johnson 1985
GM-009 Continuum Mechanics Concise Theory and Problems P. Chadwick 1999
GM-010 Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media Jacob Bear 1972
GM-011 Groundwater Mechanics Otto D.L. Strack 1989
GM-012 Hydrology for Engineers : SI Metric Edition Ray K. Linsley 1988
GM-013 Introduction to the Mechanics of a Continuous Medium Lawrence E. Malvern 1969
GM-014 New Developments in Contact Problems Peter Wriggers 1999
GM-015 Third Seminar on Ground Improvement in Highways R.W. Ogden 1984
GM-016 Nonlinear Oscillations Ali Hasan Nayfeh 1979
GM-017 Perturbation Methods in Fluid Mechanics Milton Van Dyke 1965
GM-018 Plasticity : Theory and Application Alexander Mendelson 1983
GM-019 Prestressed Concrete Structures Michael P. Collins 1990
GM-020 Reinforced Concrete Fundamentals Phil M. Ferguson 1958
GM-021 Solution of Crack Problems D.A. Hills 1996
GM-022 The Mathematical Theory of Plasticity R. Hill 1998
GM-023 Theoretical Aerodynamics L.M. Milne-Thomson 1973
GM-024 Theoretical Hydrodynamics L.M. Milne-Thomson 1968
GM-025 Theory of Groundwater Flow A. Verruijt 1970
GM-026 Theory of Linear Poroelasticity with Applications to Geomechanics and Hydrogeology Herbert F. Wang 2000
GM-027 Thermo Dynamics Enrico Fermi 1936
GM-028 Wave Motion in Elastic Solids Karl F. Graff 1975
GM-029 Foundation of the Theory of Plasticity L. M. Kachanov 1971
GM-030 Elementary Fluid Dynamics D. J. Acheson 1990
GM-031 Viscous Flow H. Ockendon 1995
GM-032 The Mechanics of Fracture and Fatique : An Introduction A. P. Parker 1981
GM-033 Civil Engineering Procedure In Project Management Mitsuharu Satoh 1979
GM-034 Design of Structural Elements Chanakya Arya 1994
GM-035 Field Scale Feasibility Study of Electrokinetic Remediation Sunirmal Banerjee  
GM-036 Fundamentals of Reinforced Concrete Design (Second Edition) Diego Inocencio Tapang Gillesania 2003
GM-037 Probability Concepts in Engineering Planning and Design (Vol. 1 Basic Principles) Alfredo H-S. Ang 1975
GM-038 Spreadsheet Application in Geotechnical Engineering Thomas F. Wolff 1995