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คลิกเพื่อขยายรูป Internal Erosion of Dams and Their Foundations: Selected and Reviewed Papers from the Workshop on Internal Erosion and Piping of Dams and their Foundations, Aussois, France, 25–27 April 2005
Editor(s): Robin Fell, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; Jean-Jacques Fry, EDF-CIH Centre d'Ingénierie Hydraulique Savoie Technolac, Le Bourget du Lac, France
Number of Pages: 245
Price: $124.95
ISBN: 9780415437240
ขอยืมได้ที่ศูนย์วิจัยฯ / สนับสนุนตำราโดย คุณวีรชัย ไชยสระแก้ว


         Internal erosion and piping in embankments and their foundations is the main cause of failures and accidents to embankment dams. For new dams, the potential for internal erosion and piping can be controlled by good design and construction of the core of the dam and provision of filters to intercept seepage through the embankment and the foundations. This book presents selected and reviewed papers from the Workshop on Internal Erosion and Piping of Dams and their Foundations, which was held from 25 to 27 April, 2005 in Aussois, France. The book covers the whole internal erosion process, from initiation of erosion, continuation, progression to form a pipe, and formation of a breach. An overview paper based on the papers and discussion at the Workshop describes the state of the art and research needs. Internal Erosion of Dams and their Foundations will be most valuable to dam engineers, researchers and students who are involved in assessing the safety of embankment dams from internal erosion and piping.

Table of Contents



Overview paper

The state of the art of assessing the likelihood of internal erosion of embankment dams, water retaining structures and their foundations
R. Fell & J.J. Fry

Submitted papers

Assessing the vulnerability of dams to internal erosion
R.C. Bridle

Internal erosion in Porjus dam – risk assessment and proposal for upgrading
M. Bartsch

Issues in the management of internal erosion in UK embankment dams
A.J. Brown

Bureau of Reclamation experience with evaluating internal erosion of embankment dams
J.M. Cyganiewicz,W.O. Engemoen & C.G. Redlinger

A framework for assessing the likelihood of internal erosion and piping of embankment dams and their foundations
R. Fell, M.A. Foster & C.F.Wan

Assessment of the likelihood of initiation of erosion in embankment dams
R. Fell, C.F.Wan & M.A. Foster

Application of no, excessive and continuing erosion criteria to existing dams
M.A. Foster

Re-evaluation of internal erosion incidents at Matahina Dam, New Zealand
M.D. Gillon

Detection of internal erosion in embankment dams using temperature, resistivity and SP measurements
S. Johansson

Internal stability of particles in dam cores made of cohesionless broadly graded moraines
J. Lafleur & P.H. Nguyen

A specific triaxial device for the study of internal erosion in cohesive soils
D. Marot, A. Alexis & F. Bendahmane

The susceptibility of internal erosion in the Suorva Dam
Å. Nilsson

Filters and internal erosion in Swedish dams
Å. Nilsson

Hydraulic criteria for internal erosion in cohesionless soil
S. Perzlmaier

Evaluation of erosion of soil used in dykes and earth embankments which are subjected to flood
P. Reiffsteck

Evaluating internal instability and internal erosion in a selection of existing Swedish embankment dams
H.F. Rönnqvist

A review of Corps of Engineers levee seepage practices in the United States
G.L. Sills, PE & N. Vroman

Investigation of internal erosion by the process of suffusion in embankment dams and their foundations

C.F.Wan & R. Fell

FIREBIRD_Breach: A numerical model for breach formation in earthfill dams by overtopping of the crest
P.Wang & R. Kahawita

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